Ad Network

Multiple traffic sources and premium ad inventory for everyone. We provide brand-safe technologies to reach more demand and increase the value of all impressions.
Display, Video & Native
Variation Integration
Global Reach
Brand Safety

Programmatic Ad Network

For Advertisers

Reach your target audience on the leading publishers’ websites and applications via user-oriented advertising formats.

Inventory Packaging via Adtelligent’s Preferred Deal

Preferred access via direct/exclusive publisher relationships. Fully transparent and brand safe.
First party data available in real time and pre-bid style (requests to the demand side partners are enriched with data, collected in real time on the client side)
Ad Fraud, Viewability, Brand Safety,
Domain Spoofing Solutions
protected media
Viewability & Fraud Protection
(Pre-Bid Solution)
Fraud detection (available
in real time via S2S)

For Publishers

Adtelligent is a global programmatic ad network enabling publishers to provide premium display, native, video and audio ad inventory. Our growing network with with the inventory coming from desktop, mobile, over-the-top and connected TV devices.