Header Bidding
Management Platform

Wrapper + Adapter + Placement + Reports

We've built an open platform for Header Bidding management that allows publishers to increase revenue and reduce time for integration.

Header Bidding Management Platform is

Painless header bidding wrapper

The Header Bidding Management Platform can be set up with minimal engineering and ad ops resources. There is a one-time insertion of one line of javascript into the publisher’s header, and all DFP line items are created automatically via our API connection. We can even copy and paste existing Prebid setups into the platform through a site crawling wizard.

Strategic analytics

We've empowered our Header Bidding Management Platform with robust analytics to highlight bidders with poor performance, compare auction performance to AdSense/AdX revenue and improve your monetization strategy. After reviewing your analytics, you can optimize your auction in real-time by adding or removing bidders from within the platform.

Built on prebid

We’ve built our Header Bidding Management Platform on top of the Prebid framework, so all bidders with Prebid adapters are available on our platform. Bidders can be added or removed from your auction in real-time, no code push required.


Supports both display
and video

Compatible with DFP,
works on top of it via API

Robust reporting
and analytics

Easy to integrate with
any adapters

Demand optimization

latency control

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