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SSP Product Updates Q1 2021

Adtelligent is constantly working on improving its products and offering new technical solutions to its partners and customers.

SSP Product Updates Q1 2021
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Adtelligent is constantly working on improving its products and offering new technical solutions to its partners and customers.
Apr 13, 2021
A full stack advertising technology company for publishers and advertisers.

Adtelligent new features to their Supply Side Platform from Q1

As a fully-featured ad tech platform for publishers, the company strives to deliver safe, transparent, and efficient technology solutions. One of the main Adtelligent’s products is an SSP – Supply Side Platform. It is an omnichannel ad serving platform for publishers to increase their revenue by utilizing integrated inventory for programmatic yield optimization. 

In the first quarter of 2021, Adtelligent has introduced a string of new updates to the system that includes: 

  • Scoring Services 
  • Prebid Demand Integration
  • nURL and bURL support
  • IDFV macro and parameter
  • Global BlockList by IPs
  • Requests Optimization tool
  • Targeting by Zip Codes
  • Native Ad Format
  • Mass Edit Function

These features address numerous aspects of SSP and primarily seek to optimize and customize the platform’s overall functionality to satisfy ever-changing digital advertising needs and demands.

Scoring Services

To improve traffic quality and protect our customers’ advertising inventory from potential frauds, Adtelligent offers various IVT tools available through our security partners such as Protected Media, Pixalate, and Botman.

There few possible options to start working with IVT vendors using Adtelligent.

Learn more: Adtelligent scoring service

Prebid Demand Integration 

While continuously working on the improvement of the transparency and effectiveness of the header bidding technology, Adtelligent has added new options for prebid demand integration: 

  • Prebid Supply (through adapter)
  • RTB supply
  • VAST tags

Learn more: Prebid demand integration

nURL and bURL Support

This update includes support for impression counting logic via notification and billing URL. All SSPs follow ad markup logic by default. Now, publishers can change it to a notification and billing URL model. 

Learn more: nURL and bURL feature

IDFV (The Identifier for Vendors)

IDFVs are essential in improving trust, data analytics, and attracting more profits to the SSP users. The technology enables cross-promotional iOS campaigns and provides relevant information with accurate attribution data, which helps achieve better targeting and run more effective ad campaigns. 

Learn more: Identifier for vendors

Global Blocklist by IPs 

To grant publishers an additional level of protection against malicious activities, they can now add an IP block list on the whole account level at a time. This measure will block requests coming from the questionable IPs in the list. 

Learn more: Global IP blocklist

Requests Optimization Tool

This tool assists with the optimization of all sent requests. The abovementioned solutions help web pages run faster and load without any delays using different conditions.

Learn more: Request optimization tools

Targeting by Zip Codes

To enhance your ad targeting and help reach audiences located in specific areas, Adtelligent has introduced the feature of targeting viewers by ZIP codes. This feature will undoubtedly improve the level of trust between a publisher and an advertiser by delivering results and increasing ad revenue. 

Learn more: ZIP code targetings

Native Ad Format

Native advertising allows publishers to have more control over the ad’s placement and targeting. Paid posts are displayed within similar content frameworks to spike interest in the appropriate audiences. 

The technology is ad-block friendly and can be implemented across multiple devices, significantly improving targeting and potential brand awareness for SSP partners’ clients. 

Learn more: Native ad sources

Mass Edit Function

Mass Edit is yet another new feature addedIt allows users to choose multiple campaigns and change such settings as Campaign pricing, Delivery, Targeting, Align Supply Tab all from one place.

Learn more: Mass Edit Function

Striving to deliver excellent results, Adtelligent is always on the look for innovative technologies and tools to make its platforms as efficient and user-friendly as possible. 

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