Adtelligent Product Updates Q2 2021

Adtelligent is constantly working on improving its products and offering new technical solutions to its partners and customers.

Adtelligent Product Updates Q2 2021
Adtelligent is constantly working on improving its products and offering new technical solutions to its partners and customers.
Aug 05, 2021
A full stack advertising technology company for publishers and advertisers.

Adtelligent wants to keep you posted on the important changes within our platforms. Here are some of the most relevant and recent updates.

Supply Side Platform

1. New XML filters for Pop/OpenRTB native campaigns

Traffic quality is an essential necessity in the modern advertising ecosystem. In order to improve this aspect and avoid cross-impressions and other unwanted activity, Adtelligent has added a new stack of filters:

  • IP Mismatch
  • UA Mismatch
  • No JS
  • iFrame found
  • GEO Mismatch (Request/Impression)
  • No Impression
  • GEO Mismatch (Impression/Click)
  • Fast click
  • URL Mismatch (Referrer)
  • No Cookie

2. SubID lists targeting has been added to the source level

Push notifications and Pop now include targeting by SubID lists. This feature allows you to include or exclude undesired IDs for specific web sources. Instead of having a list, now you can block several questionable SubIDs from being monetized. It ensures a more safe and transparent monetization process with a granular level of control. You can check this option out in the advanced settings of the targeting section.

3. Pixalate ‘PreBid probability’ added to Scoring Services

Probability is the metric used by Pixalate Prebid to distinguish fraudulent inventory. It can be assigned to bundles or domains and allows to block potentially risky requests coming with an equal or higher value than is set in the cap.

3 options are available:

  • Entered cap will be applied to New Entities only. Also, it’s possible to add it to all New Sources/Campaigns.
  • Entered cap will be applied to Existing Entities only. Also, it’s possible to add it to all existing Sources/Campaigns.
  • Entered cap will be applied to All Entities only. Also, it’s possible to add it to all new/existing Sources/Campaigns.

4. Access to the ‘Extended Cap Functionality’ in Scoring Services

Adtelligent improved the logic of caps in the Scoring Services. Now you can choose the behavior while changing the default capping and default caps in scoring services are able to be applied either to all existing entities or to newly created ones with a possibility to apply them to both types of entities.

5. New section ‘Interaction with bids’

This update enables the rearrangement of the bids to receive maximum results. There are 3 convenient ways to adjust the price for oRTB campaigns from now on:

  • Fix Floor;
  • Override Floor;
  • Fix Lift.

6. ‘Fixed CPM’ pricing model added to Pop traffic sources

‘Fixed CPM’ pricing model is the new addition to the Pop type of integration in the Source settings. For the setup details, please, check out the link at the top.

7. Publisher ID block/white filter now available to all users

A new filter by Publisher ID has been introduced to the Supply side platform. It permits setting publisher ID lists as block or white on the campaign settings level.

This means that if you set the block list by publisher ID, all requests with the chosen Pub IDs will be blocked.

8. Remap/Universal List option added to Global lists

This feature will help you create a specific remap list for such capabilities as:

  • mapping textual bundle id to numerical id;
  • changing sid value;
  • remapping zone ID;
  • replacing incoming SubId;
  • adding an advertiser domain.

This update gives a possibility to be more flexible in managing the list of sources and campaigns and do it with higher efficiency

9. New prebid server partners became available

The server-side logic of header bidding has numerous benefits including great latency performance, an unlimited number of demand partners during the auctions, and the ease of handling the maintenance of the bidding process.

New prebid server partners include NoBid, PulsePoint, InMobi, Adyoulike, Conversant, TripleLift, KrushMedia, TheMediaGrid, Smaato, Between, SmartAdServer.

10. Integration with scanning vendor Botman is now available

Integration with Botman will allow Adtelligent to oversee and optimize the quality of the supply partners for invalid/fake traffic, bot attacks, malware traffic, domain spoofing, viewability issues, brand safety, etc. This is yet another step towards fraud-free traffic.

11. New Block/White lists by advertiser domain

This feature will allow our clients to block ad domains coming from the Demand Side. To learn more about how to attach the list please visit our Knowledge base.

Header Bidding Platform

Adtelligent has facilitated significant performance and speed optimization, bringing a lightning-fast solution for publishers concerned about page latency.

Demand Side Platform

1. The launch of DSP Simplified interface

Adtelligent has created DSP Simplified Interface in order to streamline the workflow for our clients. Now when an advertiser creates a campaign, it is possible to add creative, set the budget and targeting using only one entity.

2. DSP Simplified Multicreatives Functionality became available

This update allows the use of multiple creatives for one campaign in the DSP Simplified Interface. Clients can add multiple creatives from the library to a single campaign and create multiple creatives from a single campaign creation screen.

3. Access to the new native ad type for DSP

An ability to create ‘Native Campaigns’ and creatives for DSP Simplified has been added to ensure a smooth and simple campaign launch.

4. Modified and updated “Automated Rules” functionality

By changing the view and the logic of automated rules, this new option helps to optimize and improve UX for our clients.

5. Support of Time-zone for Line Item entity

The Time zone feature ensures time zone targeting settings functionality throughout the platform.

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