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Adtelligent Product Updates Q4 2021

Adtelligent is constantly working on improving its products and offering new technical solutions to its partners and customers.

Adtelligent Product Updates Q4 2021
Adtelligent is constantly working on improving its products and offering new technical solutions to its partners and customers.
Jan 17, 2022
A full stack advertising technology company for publishers and advertisers.

Adtelligent is focused on providing the best technical solutions for its partners and customers while constantly improving and bringing its products up to date. 

Adtelligent wants to keep you updated on all vital changes within our platforms. You can find the latest ones below:

Supply Side Platform

Adtelligent’s team of specialists brought the following updates for Supply Side Platform, available for all clients:  

1. Low-performing bundles optimization

Adtelligent has introduced this feature to ensure that low-performing bundles’ traffic is not taking over the traffic from bundles that perform well. This update is available for all SSP clients. 

2. New CreativeID filter for RTB and PreBid campaigns

There is an option to block responses containing creative IDs from ad partners. This new Block/White filter allows publishers to avoid undesired creative content. When a block is picked, the system blocks responses that contain mentioned creative IDs. When white is chosen, the system accepts responses only with mentioned creative IDs, while the rest are being blocked. You can find this new filter here: 

Campaigns settings > Advanced Settings > Targeting. 

3. List Constructor is out 

New List Constructor enables custom replacement scenarios or the addition of some parameters during the process of the ad request. 

Header Bidding Platform

Adtelligent’s Prebid Wrapper is now Prebid 6+ compatible. In addition, the update includes some bug fixes and new useful features. 

Demand Side Platform 

In the fourth quarter of 2021, our team has implemented such DSP updates: 

  1. The platform is now accepting Bitcoin payments. 
  2. Adtelligent launched webmoney integration process. 
  3. Several new exclusive direct sources are now available. 
  4. Optimization of existing traffic sources and redundant ad requests, bad clicks, and more impressions in viewability zones.

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